Overview of national GWE locations

We are represented in Germany with three sites.

Each site is specific aligned, so our collective experience for water well construction and geothermal applications grant our customers a reliable and competence partner.  


Headquarters location is in Peine all orders, projects, production plants and central logistics are coordinated from the headquarter.  From design to implementation, we assist you with all your technical questions and requirements throughout the project process.


The GWE plant in Nordhausen has a long history. Strategic improvements optimizations and permanent investments in machinery and employees , it becomes GWE’s competence center for steel and stainless steel products.

Along with all variations of stainless steel well materials, well equipment e.g. such as fully equipped well houses and shafts along with custom designs for projects worldwide are developed and produced in Nordhausen.


The continuous expansion of the production capacities in the PVC extrusion facility and processing machinery park evolved the plant to GWE competence center for plastics. Most wells are still equipped with U-PVC material, so the location plays a particularly important role within the Group.

With its modern electric welding system, our plant in Luckau boasts exceptional know-how in the production of PE products. Development and production of geothermal distribution technology and probe systems also takes place here.


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